2-in-1 Desk Humidifier Rain Cloud Aromatherapy Essential Oil Zen Diffuser & Raining Cloud Night Light Mushroom Lamp

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"I needed a solution to the super dangerous furniture-forts my kids love to build. THIS IS THE SOLUTION! Safe fort fun for HOURS!"


Our Relaxation Kit was inspired by the vision of helping busy parents nurture their naturally restless and active kids.

🍄 Perfect for your little ones developing brain

🍄 Build self-confidence and mindfulness

🍄 Promote the habit of practicing yoga

🍄 Explore real-life skills with your child

🍄 Age Recommendation: 1+ Years Old

Top 4 Reasons Why Madsbox Relaxation Kit™ Is A Must-Have For Your Curious Baby 💛 

The Madsbox Relaxation Kit™ is a new and unique learning device for your little one. Designed to keep your kids' attention for hours on end - while developing important life skills!

☁️ Kid-Friendly Design

Thoughtful, quality design choices and materials to promote healthy development. 

☁️Developmentally appropriate

A unique learning toy for your little one with just the right mix of helpful tips to navigate every stage of development

☁️ Countless hours of FUN!

Just sit back and relax as you watch your kids examine new things while developing important life skills!

☁️ Beat the screen culture with no fuss

The Madsbox Relaxation Kit™ stimulates a child's natural way of learning through engaging, parent-child bonding!

Designed By Experts & Tested By Kids 

Recommended by Dr. Neil Mode - Pediatric Therapist

“The Madsbox Relaxation Kit™ is the go-to device for active learning times and creativity. 90% of kids will develop creative thinking skills faster while learning mindfulness."

“This relaxation kit is a great way to keep kids engaged and develop their fine creative thinking skills.”

— Sarah Anderson (Mother of 2) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



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