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Lucky Raised Tusk Elephant

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Looking for a Fengshui art to bring positivity to your home? Look no further!!Lucky Raised Tusk Elephant


This beautiful white and golden elephant is a stunning addition to any home decor. Made of high quality resin and featuring a sturdy wooden base, this elephant is sure to bring years of enjoyment.

In Feng Shui, elephants are symbols of good luck, wisdom, and power. The raised trunk of this elephant signifies abundance and prosperity. The white color of the elephant represents purity and peace, while the golden color represents wealth and success. This combination of colors is considered to be very auspicious in Feng Shui.

According to Vastu, elephants are considered to be protectors of the home. Placing an elephant figurine in the northeast corner of your home is said to bring good luck and prosperity. You can also place an elephant figurine near the front door to welcome good fortune into your home.

To maintain your Lucky Raised Tusk Elephant, simply dust it with a soft cloth every few weeks. You can also use a mild soap and water solution to clean it, but be sure to dry it thoroughly afterwards.

This elephant figurine is perfect for any room in your home, including the living room, bedroom, or office. It is also a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

10% of the sales of this product go to support local artisans and their families in India. We are proud to be a Made in India product and to support our artisans. We also support women empowerment, as our entrepreneur is a woman herself.

Elephants have a long and ancient history in India. They are considered to be sacred animals and are often depicted in art and literature. Elephants are also symbols of strength, wisdom, and good luck.

Bring a touch of good luck and prosperity into your home with the Lucky Raised Tusk Elephant.

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